Why the syrian forum

The crisis in Syria is making headlines around the world as the fallout of the Assad regime's brutality against the people of Syria is reaching Europe and beyond in a palpable way. It is now being acknowledged as the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II. But the suffering has been ongoing for four years - before the flocks of refugees started arriving on European shores - inside Syria and in the displaced Syrian diaspora. And it persists today with the same intensity.

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Syrians around the world, and indeed everyone with a keen conscience, are deeply hurt and enraged by what they're witnessing, but are also frustrated with a sense of desperation and helplessness. How do we help our fellow Syrians, our fellow humans? Where to go from here, they ask. What to do? 

Occasional bouts of humanitarian relief have been the only strategic response to the challenge.

Hence the need for The Syrian Forum: A systemic, sustainable, comprehensive, institutional response that comprises, and goes well beyond, direct humanitarian assistance, to include ways in which the Syrian people can help themselves rise up from the depths of tragedy and despair, and soar further up from there into sustainable security and prosperity.

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The Syrian Forum is composed of 200 full-time employees and professionals who are bound together, determined to offer a functional alternative to the sense of defeatism and desperation. 

  • The Syrian Forum’s goal is to help Syrian individuals and institutions be more competent in order to develop and sustain Syrian lives.


To help Syrians take the lead in securing their own social, cultural, economic, and political security and prosperity based on contemporary standards that are consistent with Syria’s cultural heritage.


To uplift Syrians' lives by offering accessible, quality services that include humanitarian aid, professional development, job placement, good governance training, policy analysis & advocacy, and media representation in order to set the ground for establishing a society of justice and dignity, founded mainly on internal capacities and self-sufficiency.


  1. Empower and develop civil society, and continue to invest in local governance enhancement projects.
  2. Provide direct humanitarian aid to those who need it most, as well as job training and placement to help them eventually support themselves.
  3. Build personal and institutional expertise towards a society that is efficient, skillful, professional, and self sufficient.
  4. Offer solutions and alternatives in matters that are critical to Syria and the region.
  5. Reinforce a culture of political awareness that will give way to the development and strengthening of democratic institutions in Syria.

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  • Syrian Forum USA based in Chicago, Illinois, and is independently registered as a 501(c)3.
  • The Syrian Forum’s European affiliate is The Syrian Forum- Austria, based in Vienna, Austria, and is independently registered there.
  • The Syrian Forum is registered and headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey with offices in Turkey and Syria.
  • The Syrian Forum is a consortium of six independent member institutions, each with its own focused area of work.

Where we Work



  • Syria
    • Idlib – SF Office
    • Latakia – SF Office
    • Daraa – SF Office
    • Aleppo – SF Task Force
    • Al-Hassakah – SF Task Force
    • Deir Ezzor – SF Task Force
    • Rural Damascus – SF Task Force
  • Turkey
    • Istanbul – SF Office
    • Gaziantep – SF Office
    • Urfa – SF Office
    • Mersin – SF Office


  • USA
    • Chicago - SF USA Office
    • Washington – SF USA Task Force


    • Vienna – SF Austria Office